Saturday, 12 January 2013

Mbarara continued

My last two posts got mixed up.  Must have been the result of too many bottles of Club beer!

We walked through town today and noticed many changes since we lived here.  Many new shops including a chain supermarket called Nakumatt.  3 floors of groceries, household goods, electronics, appliances, bakery, meat counter, etc.  We were very impressed.  The store opened less than 6 months ago.  When we lived here we would shop at the open air market for fruit and veg, at 4 or 5 shops trying to find mzungu food and products.  Often the stores were out of what I wanted.  I would have been so grateful to have had the Nakumatt when we lived here! 

Getting used to trying not to trip on uneven sidewalks or step into big holes.  Enjoying the weather today as the rain has kept the temps down.  Love wearing sandals, short sleeves and capris.

I have booked a 3-day safari tour to Murchison Falls for Doreen, Danny and I beginning Feb. 1st.

Very glad I have a stylus to type this blog with!

Mbarara main street from balcony of Hotel Classic restaurant.

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