Friday, 11 January 2013


Very familiar...
Sitting in traffic and many young men walking between cars trying to sell airtime, small garden tools, shoes etc etc.

Potholes!! Bad drivers.

Fumes from cars and motorbike taxis.

Small kids yelling "mzungu how are you?"

Pork muchomo (BBQ) and chips.

Club beer, bottled water.

Wearing capris and sandals.


All the zeros on the money.  Taking one million shillings out of ATM.

Heading to Mbarara today for a week in a hotel and will visit friends.  Our dear friend, Mushabe, is driving us around.  Unfortunate that the price of petrol is very high.

Doreen loves her Kindle and has started reading Wuthering Heights.  Most Ugandans have not heard of ebooks as credit/debit cards are rarely used here.  Cards are only used in ATMs here.

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