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I'm doing a separate blog on our winter in Thailand this year.

Not a lot there yet but this is it:

Koh Samui 2016/17

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Catching up!

I see I haven't posted for over a month and here we are getting ready to go home in 10 days.  Time fies.

We've been enjoying bicycling, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, eating, drinking, being warm, and the Thai people and culture.  I got a bit of sunburn while kayaking this week because I didn't have sunscreen under my tank top.  Danny banged his foot into a sea urchin while swimming but fortunately got all the spikes out and it was treated with vinegar and antiseptic.

Most recently we spent three nights at a luxury resort as my pre-birthday holiday within a holiday.  The island has a handful of residents, a small beach bar in a hut, and the resort we went to which has 37 villas.

U Koh Madsum Resort

Bar down the beach from the resort

The kayak we used

At resort

Pool at one of the resort's restaurant

Kayaking on Koh Madsum

We discovered a place called Villa Chocolat....mmmmm

Not all fun and games....I've faithfully been to the gym thrice weekly

Since we gave up the car the end of January, we've mostly been bicycling but also taking tuk tuks

Random pics....

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Koh Tan

We spent Tuesday night on the island of Koh Tan. There are small bungalows on the beach which we had noticed while on a lunch stop there during our snorkel trip last week. The island is very sparsely populated - a few dozen and most seem to be related. But there is a huge network of paved roads we were surprised to see. Makes us suspect that development is in the cards. A shame. 

We arrived by longboat before 11am. Swimming, walking, a tour of the island by golf cart, lots of beer drinking, sitting on the beach, sat on the beach after sunset and looked at the stars. No electricity on the island except for some houses with solar panels. The restaurant and the bungalows have a generator, so we had power in our bungalow beginning at sunset for about 4 hours. 

On a walk we found a Wat (Buddhist temple) in an isolated area of the island. It's the only one on the island. I read that one monk lived there but the staff at the restaurant said no one stayed there any more. It looked well-maintained so I wonder who.....

It was fun being driven around the island on a golf cart! We stopped for yet another beer at one small bar/restaurant/resort. Cousins of the our driver of course!


Our bungalow

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Snorkeling trip to Koh Mudsum and Koh Tan

This morning/afternoon we went on a 4 hour trip in a longboat.  We booked privately so it was just Danny and me and the skipper and a female helper (girlfriend I think).  

First stop was the best place to snorkel - an area off of Koh Tan.  So there are usually several boats there.  There are loads of fish of various colours and designs - stripes, spots, etc.  

Then on to Koh Mudsum which is a small island with beautiful beaches and clear water.  Last year we took a trip here with inlaws from Australia, but this year there were some changes.  There is a beachside bar and also a restaurant.  

We went swimming, took some photos, and sat down and had a cold beer.  

Finally, we went to Koh Tan for lunch on the beach.  Next to the restaurant were some small bungalows - basically bedroom, bathroom, and front porch.  I asked about spending a night in one of them and we plan on staying one night early next week.  We'll just have to get a boat to drop us off and come back to the next day to pick us up.  

Monday, 4 January 2016


Finally got to take our kayak back out as the sea has settled down. The weather hasn't been stormy for quite a while but the sea stayed rough.  

We went in a different direction this time - toward Muslim Village which is not far from our house by road.  Most of the fishermen on the island live here.  

Pics were taken with my phone in bumpy conditions....