Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lovely day!

Danny and I went on my favourite coastal bike ride today with a stop at the beach at Kilbride Bay for a swim/wading and picnic lunch.  It was sunny and temps were about 70F but felt warmer in the sun.  Quite a few people decided a trip to this remote beach was a good idea as well so there were quite a few people there. 

Girls marching on the beach

In front of house - edited for watercolour effect

Fun on the beach

Colintraive in the Kyles of Bute (Danny's old home)

on the bike ride - edited for watercolour effect

Rural postbox on our ride - edited for watercolour effect

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Benmore Botanic Gardens

Lovely day today - sunny and about 70F.  So I rode my bike to the gardens and took some pics.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A few more photos

Danny visited his old school in north London last weekend for a retirement party and to reconnect with old friends/colleagues.  Otherwise, nothing new.  Still thinking about where to go for my 60th birthday next winter.  Waiting to book our tickets to Michigan next May/June as it is still too far in advance to allow booking.  On the agenda is my niece's wedding, visiting with granddaughters and the rest of the family, and a trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes for a week. 

Down the loch before the rain - changed to b & w with a speck of red boat


One of the yachts from the Tall Ships - edited to b & w

Out front - tweeked a bit to make more vibrant

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tall Ships Races Greenock 2011

The 4th day of the event was the Red Arrows Airshow, the Parade of Ships and the fireworks.  Tall Ships Races Greenock

I took the ferry to Gourock and walked a short distance to a spot overlooking the Firth of Clyde where all the ships would pass.  It was chilly and cloudy for a couple of hours but then became sunny and very warm.  Photos are here:  Photos of the Tall Ships - Greenock and Gourock

brave windsurfer amongst so many ships

Red Arrows Airshow

A cruise ship happened to be amongst the racing ships

an overexposed shot - but I like the effect

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tall Ships, Flowers, Red squirrels...

The weather has been lovely for a few days - about 70F.  Saturday I attended opening day of the Tall Ships Races Greenock.   Greenock which is just across the water from us is hosting a 4 day stopover in this race.  Lots of events, entertainment, tours of the ships.  I got this photo on Saturday.  On Tuesday the ships go to their next destination so there is a parade of 57 ships with full sails.  I hope to get lots of good photos!

I happened to catch some photos of this red squirrel in our garden.  Red squirrels are an endangered species here.

A walk in our garden....


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Finally a nice day!

Hit at least 70 today but felt warmer.  Sunny with a few fluffy clouds.  Danny and I hopped on our bikes and rode to Benmore Botanic Gardens.  About 12 miles round trip with a few hills.  Forecast for the next two days is the same. 

Church of Scotland, Strone

Benmore 'castle'