Friday, 22 April 2011


Last Sunday and Monday Danny and I stayed in Edinburgh for our wedding anniversary.  Weather was mild and there was no rain until we were on our way home.  Luck!

We visited the castle and wandered around the old town and also spent several hours at the fantastic botanic gardens.  Of course, I took a photo or two, or 700! 

Church on Royal Mile

St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle

Prince's Street Gardens

Princes Street

Royal Botanic Gardens

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Crawling around in the mud....

Yep, I willingly crawl on hands and knees and get muddy in order to get shots like these Primroses...

I will stand outside in the cold waiting for the wind to stop blowing so I can shoot this magnolia....

I've laid flat on the wet ground in order to capture these daffodils in our garden...

....and I spent a few hours in the botanic gardens to choose the right flowers on different rhododendrons.  

Not a lot else going on just now.  We're waiting for a dry day with a temp of at least 15C/60F so we can go for a bike ride.  In a few weeks there will be new lambs to shoot....emm...photograph.  Then an island trip for a week in June.