Sunday, 5 May 2013

Doreen in Scotland

We met Doreen in Uganda in 2008 and helped sponsor her for university which she completed in 2012. We tell everyone she is our daughter, though technically she is not. But she quickly became like a daughter to us and is part of our family. Her mother does not mind at all being a 'co-mother' to her.  And Danny, of course, is a dad to her and the only one she's known since hers died when she was a baby. 

When she visited us in 2010 she went on a retreat for a week here: Iona Community  She loved it and late last year she applied to be a volunteer there. She was accepted and based on the fact that she had already visited the UK and returned to Uganda, was granted a visa to volunteer on Iona.  She will be there for 14 weeks. Her visa allows her to be in the UK as a visitor for two weeks prior and two weeks after her stint on Iona.  

Her flights on May 1st and 2nd went well and even getting through UK immigration was easy this time.  

We went for a walk in Benmore Botanic Gardens Saturday: