Saturday, 24 April 2010

Isle of Colonsay, continued

We enjoyed our week on Colonsay even though it was quite cold much of the time.  Choices were to stay in the house in front of the fire, or bundle up and go out.  We did lots of walking and biking and most afternoons we spent some time in the lovely Colonsay Hotel with pints of beer and wireless internet access.   Colonsay's history goes back nearly 9,000 years.  Intro to Colonsay

On our final night the ferry arrived in Oban just before 10pm so we spent the night at the incredible Falls of Lora hotel before driving home this morning.   Falls of Lora Hotel, Connel by Oban

This was the first time we stayed at this hotel and we were in awe of the incredible collections in it...large brass items, antiques, an eclectic collection of paintings and photos, etc.  

More of my Colonsay Photos

Monday, 19 April 2010

Isle of Colonsay

Danny are I are spending a week in a rented cottage on the wee Isle of Colonsay.  Our 10th wedding anniversary was April 17th.   Our cottage is a 3 bedroom traditional stone cottage which faces the Atlantic Ocean and it's the same one we stayed in for our 5th anniversary.

Colonsay is 17 square miles with a resident population of less than 200.

Sunday we rode our bikes to Balnarhard Bay, a stunning beach.  The ride was gorgeous but there were many steep hills we had to walk the bikes up.  Well worth it though! 

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Danny and I are still doing DIY in the house.  It's been years since the living/dining room and the doors were painted.  All have now been painted except the back doors.  Even got a shiny new gold letter box in the front door.  Except for one door, all the doors in the house are the original from 1927.  A couple of them even have the original hardwood doorknobs.

We are now awaiting our new carpet and I will upload pics of the living/dining room when it's complete. 

In just over a week we are going to the Isle of Colonsay for our 10th wedding anniversary.  I'll be taking loads of pics whilst there and will share them. 

I've learned that my second grandchild will be another girl!  The magic event will occur in August.  Her big sister who will be 5 by then is thrilled that she's going to have a wee sister.

We have purchased an airline ticket for our Ugandan 'daughter' Doreen to visit us this summer.  We didn't realize how difficult it is to get a visitor visa to the UK from Uganda.  Her first application was rejected and she is reapplying.  We're trying hard to get it approved. 

The weather here has been changing from one day to the next, as usual.  Here is a pic from last week when there was still snow on top of the mountains across the loch.  I'll be re-photographing all the flowers and plants in our garden as they bloom this year.