Saturday, 19 June 2010

Travelling around Argyll with Doreen

Earlier this week we travelled to several places in Argyll, the county we live in.  First destination was Kilmartin....Scotland's richest prehistoric landscape.  Prior to arriving in the village we stopped at Crinan Canal as we spotted a sailboat going through the locks.  Doreen and Danny helped open and close the locks for the sailors. 
Photos of Doreen's trip

We stopped for lunch and more photos in the tiny village of Crinan.  In Kilmartin we spent the night at a B&B, visited the museum, wandered around the megalithic sites (stone circles, burial cairns, standing stones), and took a walk to Carasserie Castle. 

On to the Isle of Seil and the village of Ellenabeich.  We took a 2 hour boat trip on Seafari which was, at times, quite thrilling.  Danny and I had taken the trip twice before and Doreen just loved it.  We are going back for another trip in July. 

After spending the night on Seil, we headed to Oban and the Calmac ferry to the Isle of Mull.  After an hours trip we took a short ferry trip to the Isle of Iona, a tiny island Danny and I have visited many times.  The weather was spectacular but on our walk to one of the beaches a heavy fog rolled in.  It was still warm so we continued to walk.  While on the island we inquired about a youth retreat for Doreen as she'd expressed an interest.  Luckily we discovered there was a retreat (all ages) beginning Saturday.  So we booked her for the week and she arrived there today.  The retreat isn't strictly religious as it will include a boat trip, hiking, nature walks, workshops, etc. 

On the drive to Oban to catch the ferry we stopped at Arduaine Garden.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Doreen in Inveraray

We spent the day in the village of Inveraray.  Lunch was at Loch Fyne Oysters and we visited the castle - home of the Duke of Argyll.  

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Doreen in Scotland, aye.

Doreen is enjoying the food, the hot running water, not having to hand wash her clothes, shopping for clothes, fast internet, and being a tourist.  She does find it too cold here and wears a fleece most of the time.  Today she went to Glasgow to visit the Kelvingrove Museum and Glasgow University.  Tomorrow we are planning on visiting Inveraray Castle and possibly the old jail.  Next week we are visiting Kilmartin, Seil Island, and the Isle of Iona.  On Seil Island we will go on a boat trip to view wildlife near the Corryvreckan whirlpool. 

Doreen Photo Album

Friday, 4 June 2010

Doreen has arrived!

 Doreen flew Emirates from Entebbe to Dubai, having a 7  hour layover there.  I booked a Meet and Greet company so someone would escort her through a very large and confusing airport.  I also booked a lounge so she could rest comfortably and get all the food and drink she wanted with no charge.  She was then escorted to her departure gate in the morning.

She arrived in Glasgow on time but we became quite stressed as she didn't appear for a long time after it seemed that everyone on her flight was long gone.  Finally, the immigration office phoned me and asked for confirmation about statements she'd given him.  Fine.  She arrived soon after. 

Doreen enjoyed the food on the plane and in the Dubai lounge.  She was surprised to see sunshine when she arrived in Glasgow, but had to inform her that it's not a daily occurrance.  Our dishwasher, washer and dryer, hot water out of a tap, drinking water from the tap, and freezer were items of interest for her.  New food today:  grilled corn on the cob.  She loved it and found it very sweet.  The very large Tesco supermarket was a place of interest to her as well. 

On the ferry from near Glasgow to the town near our house: