Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Doreen is visiting!

The girl we help sponsor and support at university in Uganda has finally been approved for a visitor visa!  She was rejected once as the UK worries about visitors from certain countries staying illegally.  She's reapplied with help and has the visa.  Her flight is due next week.  She'll stay for 2 months and we'll travel around Scotland and the London area.  Culture shock!  Stay tuned.

At her university hostel in Kampala

Sunday, 23 May 2010

just a few pics

Sunset down the loch

Crannog in Lock Eck - ancient artificial island (about 5000 years old)

Lock Eck and gorse

Rhododendrons at Benmore Botanic Gardens

Monday, 10 May 2010

A few springtime pics...

At sunset across the loch from our house...

Due to an unusually harsh winter this year, most flowers are blooming later than normal.   Some in our garden.... rhodendron, azaleas, magnolia tree

Finished redecorating living room!

We've been extremely busy since we came home from our travels near the end of January.  One more room is now finished - the living/dining room.  Now on the lookout for some nice art for the walls.  The large wall hanging was purchased in Uganda, as were the woven baskets, bowls, trays, wooden masks and wooden boat, woven placemats, pillow covers, cloth, etc etc.  Also on display are photos of our Ugandan friends and artwork by one of our friends. 

Photos of our redecorating and remodeling