Friday, 8 February 2013

Back home

We arrived back home on Wednesday, the 6th. Flew with our favourite airline, Emirates.  Since I had many airmiles that were about to expire, I flew Business Class all the way home (Entebbe-Dubai-Glasgow).  Danny had enough miles for the Dubai-Glasgow flight, so we got to sit together on the longest leg of the trip. As usual, the service and the meals were excellent!  Just wish we could fly Emirates business on every trip! The airline includes chauffeur service for all business/first class customers as well--very convenient, especially on our way home from Glasgow Airport.

On both overnight layovers at Dubai Airport we splashed out and stayed in the only hotel inside the airport - Dubai Airport Hotel.  Made a huge difference to how we felt after our flights.

I am writing reviews to submit to Tripadvisor and will provide links for all of them after they receive approval and are published.

Our visit to Uganda was fantastic and it was so good to see our friends again. We enjoyed seeing our daughter, Doreen, graduate from Makerere University. The national park trips were always a favourite with us when we lived in Uganda, and were amazing this trip as well.

I took nearly 2,000 photos while we were there.

Uganda 2013 trip photos

Here are just a few of them.....many, many more in the Flickr albums......

A lunch of Kob


Lake Mburo sunset
Doreen's other mother, Eva

At Doreen's grad lunch at the Serena Hotel we ran into the Chancellor.

Tom and Doreen

Friday, 1 February 2013

Murchison Falls National Park

We took Doreen on a 3-day trip with Red Chilli Tours.

Day 1: about a 5 hour drive from Kampala.  Hiked to the top of the falls - magnificent!  At Red Chilli Rest Camp we checked in and ordered dinner. We upgraded to bandas -Danny and I in an ensuite with solar powered hot shower. Doreen had a banda but without its own bathroom.
Most guests stay in bedded tents and use community showers and bathrooms.

We were surprised at how good the food was.

Day 2:  Early morning game drive and we spotted giraffe, elephant, oribi, jackal, kob, bushbuck, waterbuck, hartbeest, hippo, warthog, and two lions feasting on a kob carcas.

A warthog and a hippo live in the rest camp which disturbed a few people who tried to leave their tents at night to use the bathroom.

In the afternoon we took a boat trip down the Nile to see Murchison Falls and wildlife along the shore.  We saw many elephants, crocodiles, birds.

Day 3:  After breakfast we went on a short game drive and saw many more giraffe and other wildlife.  And on the way back to Kampala we stopped to view the spectacular Karuma Falls.

Great trip!  We met some great people on the tour and at the camp.....American, British, German.  We had a great group including two young pediatricians, Wai and Erica.