Sunday, 25 November 2012

No to wind farm!!

There is a proposal to build a wind farm directly across the loch from our house - 5 of them - 300 feet high - bright white - and hideous.

This wind farm would benefit the small community across the loch as they sell the excess electricity to the national grid.  Our communities would get a small amount as compensation for totally destroying our beautiful views.  

I will not expand on the technical and other details of this, but some of the reasons many in our community don't want it is because it's a blight on the landscape and would lessen tourism income. We are located inside a national park as is the loch.  The community which wants the wind farm are not inside the boundaries of the national park.  The value of our homes would very likely decrease. These turbines emit a low hum 24 hours a day and as we are in an area that is normally dead quiet, we would hear them. The hum would be amplified due to the fact that it will be crossing a body of water. It would be like all of us have tinnitus. 

I'm all in favour of green, alternative energy, but Scotland has plenty of remote areas for wind farms that don't destroy anyone's enjoyment of the landscape and views from their homes.  

This is what our view looks like now:  the 5 turbines would be directly across from our house and when we look out our living room or bedroom windows these will be a main feature. 

5 of these would be on the hill across from us