Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

I don't do resolutions any more.  I have decided though to write a wee note every day about the day, about what happened, about anything....

One week before we leave for Uganda.  Started actually packing today.  I thought I was packing light, but it just isn't possible.  And it's not a lot of clothes, it's other things.  First aid kit, protein, dried fruit, nut snacks.  We have a lot of gifts for Doreen, our Ugandan daughter, and a few things for other friends as well.  The camera and all the lenses and accessories is the most cumbersome of anything I'm bringing.  But I can hardly leave it behind!!  Uganda is a serious photo op!

2013 will be a busy travel year:

  • Jan/Feb Uganda
  • Feb France
  • June/July Michigan
  • Sept/Oct sister and hopefully brother coming to visit - trips to Ireland and around Scotland
  • End of Dec or early Jan Australia and Thailand for niece's wedding 
I am not bringing my netbook nor spending a lot of time in internet cafes, but we will be getting sim cards for our smartphones which will include internet options. I can post to my blog from my phone, but the photos will be lower quality as they can only be the ones I've taken with my phone.  A full blog with the high quality photos will be posted after we return home.  

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