Thursday, 24 January 2013

Doreen's Graduation Day!!!

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

Congrats, Doreen!!

No cameras allowed or phones.  Grr... 
So photos were taken at the lunch afterward at the poshest hotel in Kampala...Serena - 5 star.

Friday lunch happens to be traditional Ugandan food at this buffet restaurant with a huge variety. It was excellent! Fantastic desserts as well. 

While having our lunch the Chancellor of Makerere who had just finished bestowing degrees, arrived for a meal. We encouraged the 3 graduates - Doreen, Prossi, and Stacy to speak to him and I took photos (on dslr).  A very friendly, delightful man.  He attended UC Davis and recently visited MSU (Michigan State). He was familiar with Glasgow University as well so we had a very nice chat.

Very glad we decided on the Serena for the celebration lunch.  Well worth the price (950,000 shillings) and Doreen, as well as the other 11 of us. 

The best pics were taken with my dslr but here are a few taken with my phone. (hope they aren't sideways as Blogger for Androids needs improvement).

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