Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A list.....

Things I missed...
(Aside from friends and Ugandans in general)
Traditional foods
Sunshine - climate
Using local language
National Parks - wildlife!
Different culture from ours
Kids waving at us

Things I didn't miss...
Handwashing laundry
Having to use bottled or boiled water
The potholes!
Walking on sidewalks that are broken or have holes or mud instead of a sidewalk.
Bad drivers
Towels that are not at all absorbent.


Kathleen Yee said...

Do the potholes remind you of Mi roads?
Your picture of Doreen and friends is beautiful.

Annie said...

LOL. Michigan potholes are nothing compared to the ones in Uganda! They are so frequent and so very deep. Cars, buses, motorbikes dodging potholes are a major cause of crashes.