Wednesday, 26 January 2011


In theory I understand exposure - shutter speed, ISO, aperture settings, but putting it to practical use has been frustrating.  Today I went for a walk but I cheated and used autofocus.  Not really cheating though as when I got home I looked at the photos I liked and then brought up the EXIF data (tells what the camera chose for the appropriate settings) and I'm making a mental note of them so I know where to start when I take photos on manual focus. 

I've discovered that the types of photos I like to take, or want to learn to take, are close ups/macros of flowers or objects, candid shots of people, animals, landscape as seen through tree branches or leaves, historic buildings, and landscapes.  I also want to try action shots.

Here's a few from walking in my area and up to the farm.  Not spectacular, but okay.  Spectacular comes later.  I hope. 

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