Saturday, 1 January 2011

Christmas holidays & past year

We've been in Michigan for nearly 3 weeks and had lots of quality time with family including adorable babies, done lots of shopping, seen movies, museums, eating and drinking, a birthday party and on the same day the birth of a new baby.  It was cold when we arrived and I finally bought a good down coat and boots, but today it was about 50F.  Figures!

A few more days and we are home.  Relatives from Australia will be awaiting us! 

2010 was busy even though we are both retired. 
The end of 2009 was Uganda, Australia, then the US from which we returned home the 3rd week of January.  Then it was...
  • New windows installed in our house
  • Danny gutted our kitchen and put in a new one (about 5 weeks)
  • Lots of painting, new furniture, carpeting
  • A week on the Isle of Colonsay for our 10th anniversary in April
  • Nearly 3 months visitation by our dear Ugandan daughter, Doreen, which included trips around Scotland and a trip to London
  • 1 month visit by my sister which included a trip through Europe to Rome, and a visit to York
  • A trip to Glasgow for Danny's birthday in November for ballet, concerts, museums
  • Relaxation then our trip to the US.
My granddaughters with granddad

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