Monday, 4 January 2016

Thai food

We eat out for all our dinners and most of our lunches.  It would probably cost the same to do our own cooking.

Thais use a lot of vegetables in their cooking.  It is very different from what you would get in a Thai restaurant in the UK or US - better and more flavourful.  Coconut cream or milk is used in many dishes and soy, fish or oyster sauce is used.  There are many vegetables that are not available in the US or UK. Lots of herbs are used as well.

Our favourite restaurants:

Koh Kaew

A restaurant we refer to as 'the ladies' is a small restaurant on the corner of a main road and the road to a popular tourist site.  It is not a posh restaurant by any means, but the food is fabulous and inexpensive and it is often very busy.  The name of the restaurant is Koh Kaew and here is their Tripadvisor review: (don't know why I only gave 4 stars as it should have been 5).  We go to this restaurant at least 3 or 4 times a week for lunch or dinner. 

Curries served with a side of rice

Sweet Sisters

Last winter we only stopped at this cafe for cappuccinos.  We didn't know what we were missing!  The restaurant is referred to as Thai Fusion and the menu is traditional Thai and also has interesting and very flavourful offerings.  Their use of various herbs, seeds, spices makes their dishes unique.  

Hard to choose my favourite dishes here but some are:
  • Seed, mango, avocado salad with a variety of seeds, tomatoes, etc. and everything is chopped in small pieces.  Very fresh!
  • Duck - pineapple - carrots - tomatoes - lime leaves curry with mixed brown rice
  • Chicken wrap - chaplu leaves, lemongrass, shredded crunchy veggies, coriander

Chicken wrap

Lai Thai

We have lunch at this seaside restaurant at least twice a week.  Best pad thai I've had here.  Really great Thai food, very friendly family run cafe, and also great French fries if one wants a change.

Lay (Lai) Thai Tripadvisor reviews

Kroh Chao Baan

This seaside restaurant is a short walk from our house and we eat here often.  They have good food but not the best of those I've listed.  I do really love their Sweet Green Curry though.

Kroh Chao Baan Tripadvisor reviews

A favourite we haven't visited yet on this trip is the one we'll go to for my birthday: best sunsets from your table on the beach!

Virgin Coast restaurant Tripadvisor reviews

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