Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Snorkeling trip to Koh Mudsum and Koh Tan

This morning/afternoon we went on a 4 hour trip in a longboat.  We booked privately so it was just Danny and me and the skipper and a female helper (girlfriend I think).  

First stop was the best place to snorkel - an area off of Koh Tan.  So there are usually several boats there.  There are loads of fish of various colours and designs - stripes, spots, etc.  

Then on to Koh Mudsum which is a small island with beautiful beaches and clear water.  Last year we took a trip here with inlaws from Australia, but this year there were some changes.  There is a beachside bar and also a restaurant.  

We went swimming, took some photos, and sat down and had a cold beer.  

Finally, we went to Koh Tan for lunch on the beach.  Next to the restaurant were some small bungalows - basically bedroom, bathroom, and front porch.  I asked about spending a night in one of them and we plan on staying one night early next week.  We'll just have to get a boat to drop us off and come back to the next day to pick us up.  

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