Thursday, 14 January 2016

Koh Tan

We spent Tuesday night on the island of Koh Tan. There are small bungalows on the beach which we had noticed while on a lunch stop there during our snorkel trip last week. The island is very sparsely populated - a few dozen and most seem to be related. But there is a huge network of paved roads we were surprised to see. Makes us suspect that development is in the cards. A shame. 

We arrived by longboat before 11am. Swimming, walking, a tour of the island by golf cart, lots of beer drinking, sitting on the beach, sat on the beach after sunset and looked at the stars. No electricity on the island except for some houses with solar panels. The restaurant and the bungalows have a generator, so we had power in our bungalow beginning at sunset for about 4 hours. 

On a walk we found a Wat (Buddhist temple) in an isolated area of the island. It's the only one on the island. I read that one monk lived there but the staff at the restaurant said no one stayed there any more. It looked well-maintained so I wonder who.....

It was fun being driven around the island on a golf cart! We stopped for yet another beer at one small bar/restaurant/resort. Cousins of the our driver of course!


Our bungalow

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