Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Winter in Thailand

Danny and I are spending a good portion of the winter in Thailand.  Our journey began with a very enjoyable overnight stay at the Dubai Airport Hotel.  During this trip we decided to see Bangkok for a couple of days since we missed it on our trip earlier this year.  Loved the Bangkok Airport Hotel - the room, the service, the pool, the gym, the breakfasts, the easy access to the terminal for shopping and meals and getting our android phones packages sorted for our stay. 

We traveled into Bangkok on Sunday morning with plans to visit the Royal Grand Palace, the three temples which have the emerald, golden, and reclining Buddhas, and the national museum. However, it was very hot and humid (about 36C/96F) and the Grand Palace which is the most visited place in Bangkok was swarming with visitors - literally tens of thousands. All were trying to get photos of the magnificent buildings, get the best views of the emerald Buddha and other places, and the extra body heat made it unbearable.  So we cut our visit short and went back to the hotel.  

The rest of our holiday is being spent in a bungalow on Koh Samui, one of the larger islands in Thailand. Our introduction to Thailand was in January/February this year when we attended a niece's wedding. We loved it!

A few photos from the Bangkok visit - Palace photos are not good because of being jostled by the crowds.

Stay tuned. 

On a beach on Koh Samui

Grand Royal Palace

Grand Royal Palace

Grand Royal Palace

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