Friday, 5 December 2014


Thai people are very polite and friendly with big smiles.  Thailand is a Buddhist country and this affects the daily lives of many Thais. Bowing as a greeting is standard. Shoes and sandals are removed before entering temples, homes, small businesses. Proper dress is expected when visiting temples - knees and shoulders covered on both men and women.  However, many tourists don't realize this and enter in shorts and tank tops. Thais, however, will never tell you when they feel insulted or shown a lack of respect.

Traditional Thai food is delicious, healthy, and made without all the additives as is commonly done in the west. Lots of vegetables, rice or noodles, fish, meats, tofu, etc.

We prefer to go to traditional, smaller Thai restaurants.  Delicious and inexpensive.  A dinner without drinks can cost as little as $2.00 US.

Driving is on the left and the roads are in pretty good condition.  The only issue is the massive amount of motor bikes and many will pass you on either the right of left sides and many are simply too daring.

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