Friday, 12 December 2014

We've made ourselves at home

We've settled into a rhythm on the island. I go to the fitness centre MWF when they open at 7.  We do our swimming in the pool or at the beach in late afternoon when the sun isn't as strong.  Most days we go to Black Canyon Coffee for a latte or iced coffee, and occasionally a treat with an ice cream and coffee frappe.

We eat breakfast and sometimes lunch at the house. But dinner is always out.  We generally rotate between 3 restaurants that are nearby.  Two we can easily walk to and they are on the beach with a lovely view.  The other is a bit farther so we drive.  It's called Koh Kaew and the food is fantastic, cheap and the ladies who run it are very friendly and sweet.

A couple of nights ago we went exploring for a different restaurant for dinner on the western side of the island so we'd see a sunset.  We found a gem! It's on the beach on the Virgin Coast and has amazing food. It's in an area that has a few resorts but is not touristy - no malls, no fast food places, etc. We intend to go back many times while here.  Danny and I had a vegetarian dinner for two which included 7 dishes, all gorgeous! This is the sunset we saw while having dinner:

We shop at the closest Tesco superstore which is in Lamai and have purchased everything we found lacking in our house...mainly for the kitchen, some organisers, more hangers, and a drying rack for hand washables.

Today, we went out for a drive to investigate some areas that are less populated. Lovely beaches! Here is a place we stopped at to quench our thirst and also a Wat (Buddhist temple) where we stopped along the way. We visited one of the buildings which had a mummified monk and were given a blessing by a monk or lay person seated there.

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