Sunday, 21 May 2017

More info about Orkney

From previous post, info on the Churchill Barriers:

At my hotel I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on the 3 or the 4 mornings.  So delicious!

The Italian Chapel was my first stop when I arrived on Orkney, but while there I learned about a heart on a floor and on my way back to catch the ferry at the end of my visit, I stopped into the chapel again to see it.  

"The beautiful rood screen and gate was made by Palumbi out of wrought iron and took four months to complete. There is a tiny metal heart in the floor under the gates – a symbol of Palumbi’s love for a local girl. He already had a wife and family back home in Italy, so he left his heart behind. The rest of the chapel was now looking a bit drab, so Chiochetti covered it with plasterboard and painted it so that it resembled brickwork and carved stone. At this point he received help from a painter from another camp."

Future plans:

I plan to return to Orkney in the future and visit some of the other islands like Westray, Papa Westray, and Hoy.  I will stay at the same hotel.

One more video:  Along the North Sea on the A9

North Sea drive

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