Thursday, 18 May 2017

Day Four - Isle of Rousay


Orphir round kirk (church)

Forgot to add the detour I made yesterday. I hadn't planned to go as it was a long detour, but I had extra time....

Isle of Rousay

Another brilliant day! Except for about 20 minutes of showers it was sunny all day!

I had planned on either hiking or cycling around this island, but decided to take my car instead. I can see a lot more without having to rush, and I'll be able to carry heavy or awkward equipment without getting sore shoulders from a heavy backpack! Got binocs, tripod, camera and lenses, GoPro, spare shoes, rainsuit, etc. 

Rousay has been called the "Egypt of the North" as a result of the density of it's prehistoric sites.  

The island has been inhabited for over 5,000 years and there are five well presented monuments which are maintained by Historic Scotland and freely open to the public

The island has evidence from every stage in the history of Orkney, with a Neolithic settlement at Rinyo, Bronze Age burnt mounds, Iron Age crannogs and brochs, Viking boat burials, remains of a medieval church and the stately home at Trumland.

On Rousay - walks to ancient sites:

I only visited Mid Howe and not the other sites. It was quite a hike as it's down a steep hill and quite a hike to come back up. I was extremely impressed with the broch - so well built.

The island is gorgeous and I drove all the way around, about 13 miles I think.

Weather today:  About 16 or 17C, sunny except for about 20 minutes of light showers

Sunrise/sunset:  4:34/21:43 (9:43pm)

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