Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Thailand for the winter

Danny and I returned to the same small housing community where we resided last winter for two months.  Different house - a wee bit bigger and nicer - but basically the same layout.  A one bedroom, living room, full kitchen, bath, and two porches.  We are across the road from a beach.

The rainy season normally ends in December, but we've been told November has had an unusually large amount of rain.  December seems to be the same so far.  We have had some sunshine but lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

We brought a sturdy inflatable tandem kayak with us, but won't use it until we are sure that a thunderstorm won't pop up while we are in the sea.

A few facts:

  • We have to drink bottled water as tap water is not safe to drink
  • Thailand is about 99% Buddhist
  • Monks are shown great respect
  • It is taboo for Thais to show anger in public
  • On the island we are on - Samui - the temps are normally around 30C/86F.
  • Food at restaurants that specialise in traditional Thai or Chinese foods is the best....
  • Prices at these restaurants can be 80-150 baht for the main course - $2/£1.50 - $4/£2.70

Our complex has a lovely pool and due to the heat, the water is warm and pleasant, same for the sea which is the Gulf of Thailand.  Sea breezes are common and welcome.

More later......

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