Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas in Thailand and a geography lesson


Last winter we found it very strange to see Christmas trees, decorations, and hear non-religious xmas songs playing in the malls.  But we now realize it's because there are so many christians who holiday here or have moved here permanently.  There are also Thais who are christian even though 95% are Buddhist.

I attended catholic mass with Danny this morning and it had to be moved to the school's big open air hall since so many more come on Christmas day.  It was standing room only.  Food was brought to be shared afterward as well.  The priest was Thai and his sermon was interesting.

Our community

In the small community of bungalows (about 20) where we rent a house, several have lived here permanently for years (10 or more).  Many are like us and come for the winter.  The rest come for a month or less. 


Every kind of food can be had here.  Eating out can be very cheap or very expensive.  Traditional Thai food at restaurants run by a family is probably the cheapest, and one of the most delicious.  Lots of vegetables and herbs and spices.  Lots of fresh fish.  Many menus have 200-300 items on them.  

You can also go to an Aussie pub and get burgers, or to pizza restaurants, or to McDonalds although the menu has very different items, one of which is a salmon burger.  In the Tesco Lotus mall where we shop there is a KFC, Dunkin Donuts and Dairy Queen.  There are French, Irish, Swedish, German and just about any other type of restaurant.

But most of the time we eat Thai food.  Sometimes I want European/American, but the majority of what we eat is Thai. 


Links to info on Samui (Koh means island):

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