Wednesday, 9 February 2011


As I already posted, I have joined a 365 Project  (shoot a photo a day for a year) and the benefits are obvious.  Being committed to finding something worth capturing every day is challenging.  It’s work.  And it will help me improve my photos. 

The effort to improve my photographs compels me to look at the world more closely, notice the details that are normally overlooked, keep my eyes open, be aware, see beauty or an interesting object I’d never noticed.  I hope this will inspire creative results.  

A few of the good tips I’ve learned....
  • Take the camera everywhere! 
  • Use a tripod! 
  • Use a remote shutter control. 
  • When holding the camera, hold breath to reduce shake.
  • Look at the world from a unique point of view.  Get closer, get down on the ground, look up, .  Fill the frame.  Find a different perspective. 
  • Look for shapes, colours, lines, texture.
  • Just look!

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