Saturday, 27 July 2013


We spent one month in Michigan visiting my family, returning on July 10th. It was very enjoyable seeing all the family and the weather was pleasant for the most part.

Some family photos

Granddaughter Haylee, 8

Granddaughter Allyson, nearly 3

There has been a long spell of warm/hot weather in the UK, including where we live. Not at all typical of our summers, we've had many days of temps in the 20'sC/ 70'sF and even up to 80F. It's been drier than normal as well.

Doreen is doing extremely well with her volunteering stint in the Iona Community. She's made many friends and meets people from all over the world. There are different guests every week.

We spent 3 nights/4 days on the island after we came home from the US.

Isle of Iona photos

Doreen will finish her volunteering on August 28th and will visit with us for two weeks before going home to Uganda.

Mid-September my sister will come to visit for a month.  Halfway through her visit, one of my brothers will arrive for a visit.  Plans include a visit to Donegal and Sligo with my sister who has never been to Ireland. This will be my brother's first visit to Scotland so we have many plans for showing him some of the country, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Kilmartin, Seil Island, the Garvellachs.

Except for local trips we'll be staying home after this until our next trip in January - to Thailand for niece's wedding.

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