Saturday, 6 April 2013

Still around!

Been a bit lax on my blog.  So a few updates.

15 April - will be the 13th anniversary of my arriving in Scotland to live. Two days later is our wedding anniversary.

Grandson in Inverness will have his 1st birthday this month and we will be making a visit there soon.

Our Ugandan daughter, Doreen, arrives in May and will be volunteering for more than 3 months at the Iona Christian Community.  She will have two weeks prior and two weeks after her stint to visit with us. 

Our upcoming trips are Michigan this summer, Ireland with sister in Sept. and around Scotland with the brother who has never been to Scotland. 

In January we will go to Thailand for a wedding - our niece who lives in Australia - and we'll make a nice holiday out of the trip. It'll be good to trade Scottish winters for warm sunshine. 

On Facebook I started a page to feature my photos:

We've had a very long run of sunny, dry days here, but the temps are still on the low side.  Love the sunshine but the flowers and plants are getting very thirsty. 

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