Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Flowers and French

Took a wee walk around the garden today to see what was blooming.  Here's a few of them.

Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding Hearts

Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding Hearts




I've been working on learning French by using the Rosetta Stone programme.  It teaches based on the idea that learning a language like a child does is the best way.  You learn by listening and seeing photos and figuring out the meanings intuitively, like a child.  

This was fine in the beginning of the programme, but I figured out later on, I'm not going to learn like a young child.  I'm going to learn like an adult.  I need to know the grammar rules, etc as I'm going to be comparing this language to my native language.  So I'm supplementing my Rosetta Stone (which is completely in French) with some online lessons and a grammar book.  

I hope to practice what French I've learned on a trip to France next spring.  Good incentive!  I'm hoping to spend a week at Plum Village Buddhist community near Bordeaux, and then spend a week exploring Dordogne with Danny afterward. Looks totally charming!  It would be very rewarding to be able to communicate effectively in French whilst there!

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