Friday, 6 January 2012

Back home from the US

Danny and I spent 3 weeks in Michigan for the holidays.  Weather was milder than normal and very little snow.  Except for an epidemic in my family of a stomach virus, the visit was wonderful.

We flew Delta/KLM this time.  We were unimpressed with the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit due to a bad tempered flight attendant and others who seemed to be in bad moods.  On the way home the flight was much better as the flight attendants were friendly, and we had booked an exit row so had lots of legroom.  I loved having my new Kindle and actually read the entire 7 hour flight without getting tired or strained eyes.  The screen is easy on the eyes.

Our opinion of Delta overall is that they suck!  They keep changing our flight times for our May trip.  They changed our outgoing flight a few weeks ago whereas we'd arrive in Amsterdam several hours after our connecting flight had left.  A note in red at the bottom of the email telling us this was:  you may miss your connecting flight.  Duh?!  Ya think so?!  They changed it back after a long time on the phone.  Yesterday they tried to make changes in our return flight.  They want us to hang around Amsterdam airport for about 10 hours before our connecting flight.  Might be okay if we wanted to be tourists in Amsterdam for the day, but after flying all night we'll be too tired.  So, after a long time on the phone it's back to the original flights.  Why do I get the feeling this isn't the last change?!  Idiots!

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