Monday, 3 October 2011


Very quiet here.  I quit the 365 project (photo a day for a year) at day 201 as I found it was taking too many hours a day with taking, choosing, editing, sorting and uploading shots, viewing others photos and commenting on them, etc.  365 very definitely helped me improve my photography skills and forced me to become more creative.  

Been concentrating on working out, eating healthily and losing weight, meditating, catching up on reading, and planning future trips.

Going to Glasgow next month for an overnight outing for Danny's birthday and we'll attend a concert.  Mid-December we go to Michigan for 3 weeks.  End of February for my 60th birthday is as yet unplanned but I'm leaning toward a few days in Barcelona.  More travel later in the year and probable trip to Uganda in January 2013 for Doreen's graduation from Makerere Univerisity.  

Liked the golden glow on top of this hill across the loch yesterday:


Chris and Maggie said...

Hi Annie
Haven't looked at your blog for a while - glad to see you're still enjoying photography. It's quite addictive isn't it? Hope you and Danny are well. All fine here.

Annie said...

Doing fine here Maggie. Is your house finished yet? Yes, photography is very addictive!