Sunday, 20 March 2011

Photography obsession?

Find myself spending a lot of time thinking about what photos to shoot, how to shoot them, when and where to shoot them.  Last night I made a mess in the clean kitchen in order to shoot an antique coffee grinder with coffee beans scattered around, a cafetiere filled with coffee I made and wouldn't drink (I hate cleaning out a cafetiere since I don't have a garbage disposal),  a cup of coffee.  This is the result but it needs to be redone as the handles on both the grinder and cafetiere have been cut out of the photo. 

Macros are challenging and since I don't want to shell out more money on a macro lens (£300) I'm using extension tubes.   A few of the results....

Some of the newer photos including 365 photo a day

Our garden photos so far....

An altered photo in Picnik..

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