Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Here and there....

Danny and I enjoyed our 2 nights in Glasgow and the ballet and concert we attended to celebrate his birthday. 

Just noticed today that Danny's favourite, Handel's Messiah, is being performed this Friday evening in Glasgow.  So I've bought two of the few remaining tickets and booked the same hotel as last week.  I'm looking forward to this as I've never heard this performed except on CD. 

In less than 3 weeks we leave for Michigan to spend christmas with my family.  I will get to meet my newest granddaughter, Allyson, who was born in August.  Hoping it's not bitter cold! 

When we return home in January, Danny's brother and his family will be visiting the UK from Australia.  We are looking forward to their visit and hoping they don't freeze! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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