Friday, 8 October 2010

Why do I like living here?

During my visit today at the hairdressers I overheard a fellow customer chatting about how she and her husband would love to live in the US.  She detected my American accent and asked how I came to be here and wondered why I enjoyed living here.  Obviously she thought I was daft for preferring her country to mine. 

I've been asked this question a few times before.  A few years ago a colleague told me she'd love to live in the US because they have great theme parks.  Uh huh.  Good reason, hen.

To answer the question, I guess a list is best.
  • It's stunningly gorgeous here!  Lochs, mountains, green, countryside, coastlines, islands.
  • The Scottish sense of humour, although I don't always appreciate it....
  • The slang, the lowlands Scots language - very entertaining to listen to.
  • The accents.
  • The pride in being Scottish, so many people knowing their history well. 
  • The long distinguised history of Scotland - the Enlightenment, free education, free university tuition, inventors, engineers, there was a high literacy rate in Scotland even in the 17th century, etc.
  • People are easy-going and friendly and will talk to people they don't know.  Nobody is suspicious when spoken to by a stranger. 
  • The open-mindedness of Europeans in general.  The lack of prudishness.
  • My interest in ancient history and culture is easily satisfied here as it's at my fingertips.
  • I like old architecture and find it interesting and full of character. 
  • There is a charm in old villages, old churches, well-preserved and cherished.
  • The NHS.
  • The Scottish goverment takes care of its elderly. 
  • The ease of taking short trips to continental Europe, Ireland and the rest of the UK. 
  • I feel at home here.
Anything negative?  Well, the weather kinda sucks.

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