Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Settling back in

We have been home since Saturday the 9th and are so happy to be here. Been extremely busy getting the house organised and digging out warm clothes and all the household goodies which have been sitting in our loft for 2 years. I am gobsmacked by the amount of stuff we have.

Someone wondered how long it would be until Uganda seemed like just a dream. It's already beginning to feel that way but we still feel very close to all the people we came to regard as dear friends. The house is filled with souvenirs I bought in Uganda and gifts that were given to us as we prepared to leave. When we are organized I'll pick out some photos to print and put up in our photo gallery in the hallway.

Our environment in Uganda and the one here in Scotland couldn't be more different. There's a million miles between these places.

Some of the most obvious differences.....
  • the conveniences--the washer and dryer, the hot running water, the shops filled with so many choices-too many choices, drinking cool, clean water out of the tap
  • fast internet!
  • foods I missed
  • good roads
  • sleeping w/o a mosquito net, no mosquitoes!
  • being able to take a bath or shower in the evening w/o worrying about getting attacked by mozzies
  • the awesome scenery, the water everywhere
  • not worrying about food poisoning
  • a house that feels huge
  • cool weather, completely different clothing, having the central heating on
  • higher prices for everything
  • autumn - leaves changing colour
  • using a debit and credit card again
  • 24 hour electricity
  • completely different accents
  • much less simple lifestyle
  • realizing just how much 'stuff' we have....does anybody really need dozens of shirts, dozens of socks, and so many shoes??
  • great bread
  • waste and extravagance everywhere


Aunt Cindy said...

Hi Annie,
Your list really does make one stop and think! Some of the things you mentioned are very welcomed and makes me appreciate what I have - such as cool, clean water and good roads! Other things makes me want to simplify my life...as I've been doing for a while anyway. Getting rid of so much "stuff" - as you said, do we really need it? Besides, I like living a life where I feel I could pack up and move easily if the mood strikes me! lol...
I so enjoy reading your blog and looking at the pictures. You have a lovely life!
Cindy (Seadreamer54 from Eons)

Annie said...

Hi Cindy,

People told me that it wouldn't take very long to get used to the modern world again. They were right. I do have occasional moments where I think 'this is so great to have this or that'.

And I think most of us have way too much stuff!