Thursday, 20 August 2009

What I'm most looking forward to....

....when we arrive home in 6 weeks time after living in Uganda for 2 years.
  • Family and friends
  • Being in our comfy home with the lovely view (in sidebar)
  • The gorgeous scenery, winding roads, greenery, flowers, the lochs everywhere
  • The pubs, the culture, the architecture, the traditional music, the ceilidhs, the evidence of history everywhere
  • Conveniences: washer, dryer, oven, bread machine, microwave, big fridge, freezer, hoover, etc etc.
  • Hot water. Bathtub. A long, hot bubblebath.
  • Fast internet connection. Having my own printer and scanner.
  • Electricity and water ALL the time
  • Foods: haddock and chips and peas, bacon rolls, scones, sweet potatoes, strawberries, oranges, grapes, Pink Lady apples, edible chicken, smoked tofu in a curry, broccoli, radishes, celery, sweetcorn, Walkers crisps, Quorn, Hob Nobs, Galaxy chocolate, being able to buy diet sodas, SO MANY CHOICES
  • Shopping: finding anything I want easily. Tesco, M & S food, Boots
  • Being surrounded by Scots! The accent, the humour, the friendliness
  • Good bread good bread good bread good bread good bread
  • Good roads. Drivers who usually obey the rules. Being able to drive again.
  • Big screen tv - satellite
  • My masseuse at Eco - Suzy
  • Hiking up hills, bicycling, kayaking
  • Puck's Glen, Benmore Gardens, The Whistlefield, Ardentinny beach
  • Riding on the ferry from Gourock to Dunoon
  • The long route to Glasgow via the Rest and Be Thankful
  • Breakfast in our big, cozy bed with a lovely view over the loch
  • Very clean, delicious water out of the tap
  • Wearing soft fleece

After we return home I'll post any additions to the list that I've forgotten and how much I felt I really missed the above.

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